The Importance of Expression:

When faced with the loss of someone close to you, many people do not know how to grieve or how to cope with their grief. Grief has no pattern. It’s a complicated, emotional process that can be triggered at random. This makes accessing support difficult when grief hits, which only contributes to our limited perceptions and understanding of loss and grief. We treat it all the same, when in fact, everyone’s experience with loss is unique and individual. 

What is grief? What is your grief? 

Of Loss & Grief is about your experience with grief­—your stories, experiences, thoughts, sentiments, scribblings and objects. It is anything and everything that allows you to reflect or helps to express your experiences of grief (or even just for a moment within the process). Share your grief as a way to healthily express your emotions that will contribute to fuelling a community of understanding, support, and validation—for yourself and for others.

Approval Process

Submissions will undergo a multi-level approval process to ensure the safety and security of you and viewers. Curators will contact the approved submissions and notify the author of more information. The result is a thoughtfully curated space of experiences with the ability to connect with others, building a space of (un)spoken understanding—to feel connected in times of isolation. Select submissions have the opportunity to exist in a quarterly publication, on our website and/or at several ongoing exhibitions.