THis project would not have become a reality without these People:

(Listed in no particular order)

Brayden Cohen, Contributor

Daniel Lanigan, Contributor

Rachel Kwan, Contributor(Blog)

Min Moon, Contributor (Blog)

Kaho Yoshida, Contributor (Portfolio)

Barbra and Deborah Peng, Contributor

Corine Brezault Bond, Contributor

Neia Balao, Copy Editor (portfolio)

James Kwan, Shoulder to cry on

Dol C. Imnamkhao, Styling

Karim Kadi, Model and Photography (portfolio)

GSnow, Featured Article (Reddit User)

Christopher Hethrington, Professor and Mentor

Michelle E. Steinke-Baumgard, Featured Article(One Fit Widow)

Teagan Muis, Exhibition Construction (Maker's Mark Construction)


Thank you for your support, reassurance and openness.

Of Loss & grief is dedicated to the one who inspired it all, my mom.